'Sesame Street' parodied 'Stranger Things' and it's even better than the original

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Sesame Street Stranger Things

When you were growing up and watching Sesame Street teach you how to count and spell, would you have thought they’d still be influencing your education several decades later?

Probably not, yet the furry gang have made sure to keep their fingers on the pulse of modern culture by making a series of absolutely superb parody clips in recent years. Who could have predicted that the Cookie Monster would be such a versatile actor?

There’s the Game of Thrones one:

The Star Wars one:

And the ‘is it OK to still like this’ House of Cards one:

And, sticking with the Netflix Originals tip, they’ve unveiled their latest effort, in the form of ‘Sharing Things’, a parody of Stranger Things which sees a selfish Cookiegorgon on the loose on Halloween and learning about the ways of sharing his treats with others.

To be fair, I’m with the Cookiegorgon on this one: why would you share any delicious cookies with anyone else? I just demolished an entire pack on my own and I’m not even sorry.

Watch the clip below, and there’s a treat for Barb fans too.


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