People are remembering this hilarious Jack Whitehall joke about Robert Mugabe

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Gary Ogden
Jack Whitehall

That card Robert Mugabe is in the news again, what with his ‘chucking out’ from power in Zimbabwe looking altogether imminent (*edit* the bugger has finally gone). As such, and as his supporters wane, he must be looking to find people to help him out, and against all odds, I’ve actually found a rather notable one - comedian Jack Whitehall’s mum, no less.

Now, I’m not one for slander, so I must say that there’s no evidence of this, other than a hilarious story that Jack told in his routine a few years ago - and after this renewed interest in the Mugabe name, he’s lifted it back into the public eye. I’ll let him explain: 

And what with Jack’s dad now being a public figure, he’s responded:

Yeah right, Mike, course you didn’t, you foul-mouthed swine, you.

Here’s a clip of the ‘bit’, if you like seeing and hearing things that you’ve just read:

Robert Mugabe is yet to respond to the show of support but he’s probably got other things on his mind now, to be fair.

(Image: Netflix)


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