Watch Danny Dyer discover his Tottenham connection in this unseen clip from 'Who Do You Think You Are'

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Danny Dyer’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? was not only the greatest episode in the entire show’s history, it was also one of the greatest episodes in television history. Finding out, along with Danny, that he was directly related to royalty was a TV moment that will go down in history. It did my nut in, it did Danny’s nut in and it did the nation’s nut in. It was amazing.

Unfortunately, you’ve seen that episode a good 50 times now (same here), so you know what’s coming – you want more revelations from Danny’s past.

Well, I’ve got one right here for you. This unseen clip from the episode shows noted West Ham fan Danny Dyer discover his unfortunate connection to another football team:

Yeah, not great for old Dan, there. Turns out he’s related to some well old bloke called Henry Percy, who was a pretty big deal in the army back in the day. He led a load of successful rebellions against Henry IV before getting an arrow to the face at the Battle of Shrewsbury way back in 1403. Only thing was, Henry’s nickname was ‘Hotspur’, which you’ll recognise from the name of Danny’s least favourite team, Tottenham.

Essentially, the club named themselves after him as he owned land in the area that Spurs had their first ground.

Guess the only way forward is for Danny to switch teams, what with them being in his blood and everything. How awkward. 


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