Channel 4 accidentally let Gordon Ramsay say "fuck" six times before 11am

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Gary Ogden

Good old Gordon Ramsay – you can always rely on him to say “fuck”, can’t you? Get Ramsay involved and you can be sure he’s gonna say “fuck” at some point. Book Gordon, and wooaahh Nelly, you’re gonna hear a couple of “fucks”. Chef Ramsay on your show? Brace yourself for a “fuck”! GR’s in the building – uh oh! Sure as pie there’ll be a “fuck” here and there. Gordon Ramsay: keeping the “fuck” end up.

So Channel 4 shouldn’t have been surprised when they were treated to a barrage of “fucks” when they stuck on an episode of Ramsay's Hotel Hell the other day. They normally have a specially edited “pre-watershed” version that isn’t as fucky as the normal one, but THERE WAS A MISTAKE. So they aired the full-fucked one, and obviously people complained because afterwards their children came up to them and said “Dad, do you call this a fucking meringue?”

There were 19 complaints made in total, but luckily someone in the control room shouted “fuck” and pulled it off the air after 15 minutes. Then, according to a Channel 4 spokesperson, “the continuity announcer apologised to viewers” and they replaced the scheduled show with an episode of Kirstie's Handmade Britain.

Unfortunately, it was the episode where Kirsty calls someone’s straw basket “a piece of fucking shit.”

Either way, what better excuse to watch this lovely super-cut of Ramsay saying things like “fuck”:


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