The Russian embassy are trolling the England football team, and we probably deserve it

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Dave Fawbert
The Russian embassy are trolling the England football team

Guys, guys - the Russians are being sassy again. Suppose you could call them the USSassR amirite?

The Russian Embassy in the UK have a long and proud history of unleashing major burns on Twitter such as this:

There’s plenty more in this list right here. Frankly, it seems the lads over in Kensington just do not give one solitary toss and just lark about all day, no doubt spending loads of oligarch money in Whole Foods just for the hell of it. “A seven pound salad? Bring it on!” Perhaps I should give them a visit to see what it’s like over there.

But they’ve saved their most savage takedown for now, what should be a happy moment for the England football team, having qualified at the top of their group for next summer’s World Cup with a series of efficient, yet indescribably boring performances.

But, with one brutal line - boom - back down to earth they fall.

You win this time Ruskies. You win this time.

And you’ll probably win again next summer and we will lose, because that’s just what England do, OK?

(Image: Rex)