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11 times the Russian Embassy UK Twitter account was sassy AF

It can't be long until they post a GIF of Justin Timberlake with the line 'Crimea River'

11 times the Russian Embassy UK Twitter account was sassy AF
01 February 2017

Russia: underrated.

While we’re not denying it’s had bad press of late (that dossier, the hacks, a bombing campaign in Syria and continued support of Human Rights abuser Bashar el-Assad, but hey, who’s counting), nobody can accuse the Russians of not knowing how to have fun. Least of all those who head up its UK Twitter account, run from the London Embassy.

Seriously, the levels of sass are off the fucking chain here. Regularly wading through the jib of red tops and broadsheets to make a zinger for political point scoring, they don’t always make sense, but their droll political undercurrent rarely fails to amuse.

In fact, it’s any wonder they haven’t responded to the Ukraine conflict with a GIF of Justin Timberlake and the caption ‘Crimea river’.

When they threatened a new Cold War with a ridiculously cute picture of a duckling

When they were flippant about Sherlock

When they went for full blown Harry Potter references

When they followed ‘Cameron’s Pig’ after Pig-gate

When they got all sarcy with Rupert Murdoch over a Times piece

When they trolled Obama using Pepe the Frog, a symbol synonymous with far right groups

When they took on the former MI6 agent behind THAT Trump dossier

When they totally didn’t care

When they messed with Bo-Jo

When they tried to push everyone’s buttons

When they idiotically posted what appeared to be an anti-LGBT cartoon