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The sweat-proof summer shirt


Back in the simple days of our youth, summer was a long stress-free holiday filled with water fights, bike rides and ice cream man stalking. But, fast forward to adult life and things are depressingly different.

While we're allowed a cruel two days off a week to enjoy the sunshine, the remaining time is spent in an office, weeping out of a warm window. Now, we're not going to claim to have the solution to this pain but we might have something to make it a little bit better.

Hoping to eradicate the ignomy of arriving at work with damp patches, those damn fine people at Marks and Spencer have created a sweat-resistant shirt called the 'Dri-Guard'. The deceptively simple looking shirt has been engineered using the latest in fabric technology (yes, that's a thing) to ensure that the heat doesn't embarrass you yet again.

They'll be available with either long or short sleeves in 70 M&S stores nationwide or online.



Scratch And Sniff Denim


Bring Denim To The Desk

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No more shirt and tie



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