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The World Clock To Rule Them All


You've seen them, wasting valuable wall space and proudly giving the times of Tokyo, Paris, London, New York and any other city which inevitably has nothing to do with the lowly bank branch they’re hung in.

But now the slow and painful death of 'world city clocks' can begin, for the 11+ World Clock has arrived. Using a neat rolling mechanism to keep tabs on 24 different time zones on just the one dial, it signals a new dawn of timekeeping.

Doubling as both a unique timepiece and playful piece of tech, markers on the cylindrical body allow users to roll the clock over and compare their own time zone with that of a surfeit of major cities across the globe, while a neat design (its available in modern gray, midnight blue, and orange passion) ensure it's easy on the eye to boot.

For a better look at how it works, cast your eye over the video made by its Korean creators below. And then you can Google the time in Korea.




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