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Man caught wearing a 'Stop Taking Selfies' tee in a selfie, internet goes wild


If you’re the sort of person who buys ‘statement’ tees, you’ll know that they aren’t merely a piece of fabric designed to cover your horrid exposed chest and emblazoned with a cliché, they’re an extension of you. What you think, what you represent, who you are. They’re a wearable megaphone shouting your thoughts.

However, with loud opinions comes grave danger. Imagine the abject horror of being pictured inadvertently partaking in the one thing you stood against, wearing the one thing that identified you as against it. You wouldn’t want to be seen in a ‘Keep Calm’ shirt freaking out, would you? And you can’t very well be snapped in an anti-war tee, in a warzone, accidentally shooting someone, can you? And you especially can’t be seen in the background of a selfie wearing a ‘STOP TAKING #SELFIES’ top.


Actually, this guy can.

Selfie 2

This is Reddit user MicrowaveSama’s dad. He spotted the photo-op of a lifetime, and he took it. He took it with both hands. (NB: He possibly only took the selfie with one hand, though given both are out of shoot, it’s impossible to confirm either way.

Selfie man

This, this is the face of a man, well into adulthood, who – while clothes shopping – had his interest piqued by a tee bearing the legend ‘STOP TAKING #SELFIES.’

A man who saw it and thought “At last! A piece of clothing that speaks my mind! I will buy this. I have to buy this. I must buy this, with money.”

A man who, rifling through his wardrobe on a warm afternoon, wondering what to wear, came across his prized ‘STOP TAKING #SELFIES’ tee and thought “Perfect. A fine t-shirt for a fine day!”

A man who was strutting round a square, feeling like the dog’s nuts in his ‘STOP TAKING #SELFIES’ tee, championing the urgent stopping of all selfies, only to be stopped himself, dead in his tracks, the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme suddenly playing in his mind.



This is the face of a man wearing a ‘STOP TAKING #SELFIES’ tee in the background of a selfie, who knows the internet will jump on this like a Fonz jumps over a shark.



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