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Last suppers recreated

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It's a standard long car journey question: what would be included in your last meal? That's assuming you'd done something bad enough to get the death penalty in the first place of course.

It's a fascinatingly bittersweet thought: getting the opportunity to request whatever you want for dinner, with few restrictions, but eating it just hours before your death.

Photographer Henry Hargreaves is as fascinated as we are. Okay, maybe a little bit more. He picked out nine of the most intriguing meals and recreated them for his No Seconds project. The results range from the understandably ambitious (John Wayne Gacy's shrimp, fried chicken, fries and strawberries feast) to the chilling (Victor Feguer's single olive).

After checking out the below meals for inspiration, what would you have? Let us know at the bottom.

(Photography and art direction: Henry Hargreaves)

Inmate: John Wayne Gacy

Crime: Rape and 33 counts of murder

Execution method: Lethal injection

Meal: 12 fried shrimp, bucket of original recipe KFC, french fries and 1lb of strawberries

Inmate: Allan Lee "Tiny" Davis

Crime: Robbery and 3 counts of murder

Execution method: Electric chair

Meal: Lobster tail, fried potatoes, 1/2 lb fried shrimp, 6oz fried clams, 1/2 loaf garlic bread and 32oz A&W root beer

Inmate: Ricky Ray Rector

Crime: 2 counts of murder

Execution method: Lethal injection

Meal: Steak, fried chicken, cherry kool-aid and pecan pie (he left the pecan pie, telling a guard he was "saving it for later")

Inmate: Stephen Anderson

Crime: Burglary, assault, prison escape and 7 counts of murder

Execution method: Lethal injection

Meal: 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, a pint of cottage cheese, a hominy/corn mixture, peache pie, chocolate chip ice cream and radishes

Inmate: Timothy McVeigh

Crime: 168 counts of murder

Execution method: Lethal injection

Meal: 2 pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream

Inmate: Ronnie Lee Gardner

Crime: Burglary, robbery and 2 counts of murder

Execution method: Firing squad

Meal: Lobster tail, steak, apple pie and vanilla ice cream (while watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy)

Inmate: Ted Bundy

Crime: Rape, necrophilia, prison escape and 35 counts of murder

Execution method: Electric chair

Meal: Declined a meal and was served the traditional last meal which was a medium-rare steak, eggs over easy, hash browns, toast with butter and jam, milk and juice

Inmate: Angel Nieves Diaz

Crime: Murder, kidnap and armed robbery

Execution method: Lethal injection

Meal: Declined a meal and was served the regular meal but declined that as well

Inmate: Victor Feguer

Crime: Kidnap and murder

Execution method: Lethal injection

Meal: Single olive with the pit in it



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