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Can you match the fictional character to the pie?

Now's the time to earn your crust

Can you match the fictional character to the pie?

We love pie. You love pie. Fictional British characters from TV, literature and film also love pie.

How do we know that? Well, to celebrate this year’s Pie Week (7-14 March, like we needed to tell you), the playful minds at Higgidy have photographed a series of novel food shots to show us exactly which sorts of savoury pastries fabled British characters would be most likely to tuck into - there's a few clues dotted around the plates to tell you who might be sitting down for their pie-ping hot dinner.

Take a look at the five pics below - and their fictional eaters are listed at the bottom.


1) Bridget Jones

2) Del Boy [Only Fools and Horses]

3) James Bond

4) Geraldine Granger [The Vicar of Dibley]

5) Sherlock Holmes