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Japanese theme park freezes 5000 fish into ice rink and people are furious


Space World theme park in the south-western Japanese city of Kitakyushu has had to close their winter attraction after it froze around 5000 fish into an ice rink.

The park, which is described as a “theme park all about space”, launched their “Frozen Port” exhibition in an attempt to educate people about marine life. As they skated over it.

The Aquarium of Ice tempted people to visit by promising a world-first (possibly for a reason) experience of “gliding across the sea” while looking down on fish, crabs, stingrays and a whale shark.


But it seems they got a little out of their depth. Despite reported popularity since it’s opening on 12 November, the park received impassioned criticism on social media.

Which could be put down in part to the caption they used when sharing some pictures: "I am d... d... drowning, s ... s... suffocating."


In response, one commenter said the park was “disrespectful of life”, while another said it was displaying an “appalling lack of morality”. While some struggled to see how you were supposed to “interact” with the wildlife (as advertised), others urged the company to go out of business.

Asked if the theme park thought the “drowning” caption had any issues, an official replied: “Another employee wrote that hoping people would find it funny. But I do feel that not enough caution was taken. I apologize.”


According to management, the fish were already dead when they bought them, sourced from markets and were chosen because they were unable to be sold. They were held in place by ridges and then frozen over.

Unless you’re any good, ice skating can be pretty monotonous. But reports of blood seeping into the ice takes it to another level.


Space World has decided to close the event and are considering holding an “appropriate religious service” once they have melted the rink – which could take over a week.

Manager Toshimi Takeda said they have proposed to “hold a memorial service for the fish who worked hard for us” and then reuse them as fertilizer...



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