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Genius Dad manages to name daughter after his favourite football team without his wife noticing


It’s a tough task naming a child.

On the one hand, you want something catchy, memorable, perhaps even reflecting one of the great loves of your life; on the other hand, you don’t want a teary Han-Solo Junior coming home from school with a crudely scrawled image of naked Yoda on his back.

Then there’s the little problem of convincing your significant other.

One man Down Under has outsmarted us all, managing to name his daughter after his favourite football team without anyone noticing. She’s called Lanesra - and if you didn’t get it by the picture above – it's 'Arsenal’ backwards.

The story broke when the mother, Clare Smith of New South Wales, wrote into an Australian women’s magazine to tell of the caper, claiming her husband only fessed up two years later, by which point we imagine it would have been pretty difficult to change names.

Give that man a medal, Arsenal.

An FA Cup medal will do - you have enough of them.

[Via: Mashable]

[Images: Rex]



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