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Does this new information finally give Steven Avery the ‘watertight’ alibi that he deserves?


It seems like a day doesn’t pass these days without a cliffhanging update to the curious case of Steven Avery, the man found guilty of murdering Theresa Halbach and whose case was seen to be riddled with inconsistencies when it was made into the now cult Netflix documentary Making A Murderer.

The latest update, however, could be the most important yet: one glaring piece of evidence which would seemingly make it absolutely impossible for Avery to have committed the murder in question.

One deemed so weighty in fact that Avery’s lawyer Kathleen Zellner is currently labeling it as an ‘airtight alibi.’

According to Zellner’s twitter feed the mobile phone tower records would prove once and for all that Halbach was a considerable distance away from Avery’s property when they last received a connection and she disappeared.

Which might seem like a tiny bit of information but could considerably alter the current timeline attributed to the murder. Although it does also beg the question as to why this information didn’t come forward before? 




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