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Brilliant Batmobile Blueprints


There's something oddly satisfying about a set of blueprints. While you can tell just how much room there is between your window and your door just by looking, it's somehow that much more official to see it illustrated with precision on a precariously thin piece of paper.

You don't know a room or structure until you've seen it laid out, secrets exposed, in exacting detail. Which is why we now feel a lot more intimately acquainted with Michael Keaton's Batmobile.

While not as helpful as an IKEA instruction manual, these blueprints of the Dark Knight's ride from Batman Returns offer a fanboy insight into the workings of one of the most extravagant interpretations of Batman's wheels. We're sure an engineer or designer would have a preference for more helpful labels than "Hi-speed air intake" and "Veeblefetzer valve", but we doubt anyone is going to try assembling a kit car design from what's supposed to be an entertaining poster design. 

The work of Batmobile enthusiast Robert Lattin, you can find all of the blueprints here. Now, if someone could just give us a floorplan of the Batcave that would make a brilliant matching set...


[Via: Be Street]



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