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Basketball player's eyeball falls out during game


This incident is so graphic it’s enough to make your own eyes pop out as you wretch. 

New Zealand basketball player Akil Mitchell had to leave the court during an Australian basketball league match when another player’s finger went in his eye and popped it out of the socket.

In the midst of a rebound, Mitchell fell to the ground clutching his eye, quite literally. The player said he could feel his left eye out of place against his palm.

Watch the whole thing below and for the first time ever, be thankful your eyes are in their right places. 


(and we did say we warned you, so no complaining...)

The 24-year-old said:

"I could still see out of the eye."

"I remember thinking oh man... this is kinda bad, but I actually felt it kind of out of place and that's when I kind of freaked out a little bit."

akil mitchell

Akil Mitchell leaves the court

As he was on the ground, he could hear the players and the fans panicking and thought he was about to go blind. 

Thankfully, he is set to make a full recovery with no damage to his sight. 

"Once I got in the ambulance they gave me a little pain medicine and some saline drops in my eye and I felt it slide back into place, which is also a really strange feeling.

"It felt so good to be able to blink again, which is insane."



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