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Game of Thrones: 5 biggest moments from Episode 7, Season 6

Game of Thrones’ sixth season has largely scaled-up the various problems facing Westeros (and beyond); we’ve had encounters with White Walkers, trippy tree-visions set way in the past, and a huge focus on mythology and magic over the political, pragmatic dog-fighting that ran through the show’s earlier seasons.

But in this week’s episode, The Broken Man, the balance was redressed, with renewed focus on the ramifications that the lengthy war has had on the rest of the kingdom. Those fans who feel Game of Thrones has been sacrificing nuance for shock value in later years (see: various B-list cast member getting stabbed, stabbed, and stabbed again this season) will enjoy The Broken Man, which asks tough questions about leadership, power and war, all while bringing a certain fan favourite back into the fold.

Here are the biggest moments from this week’s episode.



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