This new emoji tool tells you which are still cool and which are lame

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Worried about seeming super uncool when you’re captioning memes on Snapchat or whatever it is young people do? Never fear – aptly named emoji encyclopedia Emojipedia has released a new tool so you can track which emojis are cool and which are going really, really out of fashion. 

“Each graph is relative to the emoji being viewed,” said Emojipedia. “100 represents when that emoji saw its highest number of searches.” 

The poo emoji, for example – a ?  perennial ? emoji ? classic ? – has stayed pretty steady in terms of popularity over the years other than an inexplicable lift during 2013. Interestingly, though, the poo emoji was its most popular EVER between January 8th and January 21st 2017 –  around the time of Donald Trump’s inauguration. COINCIDENCE? I mean… maybe? But also: it’s funny.

Poop emoji popularity

Cry laughing – which is loved and hated in equal measure – topped last year’s list of the most popular emojis, and has slowly increased in popularity since 2012; the regular ? face, however, is declining.

Cry-laugh emoji popularity

Smiling emoji popularity

You’ll also be happy to hear that some of the most juvenile emoji – ? to name one, the literally-always-used-as-a-stand-in-for-a-dick ? and the butt ? – are getting more and more popular by the day.

Aubergine emoji popularity

Peach emoji popularity

Sad news for two particular emojis: the sassy nail painting emoji, which is totally 2014, and the fax machine, which is unpopular for extremely obvious reasons. Extremely un-?, if you ask us. 


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