Montblanc's E-Strap Watch

Oh dear. It looks as if we’ve been getting the smart watch wrong this whole time…
Just weeks before the release of the Apple Watch, Montblanc has unveiled its Timewalker Urban Speed E-strap, thus proving it possible to enjoy wearable wrist-tech without compromising the traditional classic watch-face.
That’s right, it’s on the strap, meaning you’ll be able to hark back to that halcyon term in school when you wore your watch under your wrist to appear slightly cooler but soon reverted back when your street cred didn’t actually improve any.
Better still, the Bluetooth-enabled device – designed to track fitness activity, play music as well as send and receive messages - is built to link up with smart phones and tablets running on both Android and iOS, so respective disciples of Samsung and Apple should have no fears forking out for a model.
And as you might expect from the first venture into the wearable tech market by the luxury accessories giant, the durable leather strap isn't just any durable leather strap: created by the brand’s own leather factory in Italy, the makers have woven it with carbon fiber texture called Extreme Montblanc.
When it’s released later this year you’ll be looking to pay £220 for the e-strap separately, with accompanying Timewalker Urban Watches starting from £2,800 all the way up to £4,500.
On second thoughts, we’ll just stick to the strap for now.