You can start your own LEGO trainer collection


Barbed wire dipped in acid. Irate fire ants. Shattered glass coated in salt. LEGO bricks. All materials you wouldn't want your shoes to be made from.

But fear not - you're not supposed to wear the creations of Tom Yoo. A master builder and self-confessed sneakerhead, Yoo's range of brick court shoes first caught the attention of the internet's shoe obsessives earlier this year when his Air Jordans surfaced.

Originally just one-off creations, Yoo's use of LEGO bricks to create classic silhouettes had many asking for instructions, or the option to buy his own creation - and finally, Yoo has relented.

In festive spirit, he's selling a set of his own models (fully glued to ensure they don't come apart in transit) with prices starting at £1,344. Ten per cent of all sales will be donated to the Downtown Women’s Center and the Union Rescue Mission of Los Angeles.

Take note - you'll only receive one shoe, as Yoo doesn't create matching pairs. You'll have to rely on your own building skills to make the opposite trainer.


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