Nike have released a Starbucks themed sneaker and we don't know what to think

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Nick Pope

When you imagine a Starbucks-themed sneaker, what comes to mind?

A shoe covered in scribbled names that kind of sound like your own, if you heard them being mumbled underwater? An overpriced, highly-competitive trainer that automatically stamps on any other shoe that crosses its path - especially old ones which have been walking in the area for generations?

Nike have other ideas.

The Nike SB Dunk Low sneaker features the mocha & green colour scheme of the Starbucks logo.

They act as a companion piece to a few food-and-brand obsessed pieces from Nike, including the chicken and waffle Dunk Highs…

And the bemusingly not-at-all-donutty Krispy Kreme Kyrie 2s…

Quite why they're doing this is anyone's guess, but they need to stop now before it goes too far and we're all walking around in pots of supersize KFC gravy.

Cop a pair from Nike here.


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