You can send trainer emojis with the new Foot Locker app


"Had a heavy weekend [covered eye monkey] [cocktail glass] [green face smiley]" 

"me 2 [outraged smiley] [ghost] [dollar sign]" 

"[winky face]"

We won't pretend to know the first thing about the varied world of emojis, but if you're preferred medium form of communication is the pictorial kind, Foot Locker has a new app that could be of interest. 

In addition to its store locator functions, release calendar and shop functions, the app ships with a bundle of trainer emojis - perfect miniature illustrations of your favourite iconic shoes.

Over 50 shoes are included in the emoji range at launch, with more models set to drop in conjunction with new trainer releases. You'll be able to send the shoemoji (which isn't a word we ever thought we'd find ourselves writing) via usual text messages or messaging apps. 

You can download the app for free on iOS or Android. Or, join us in being confused as to the exact context that would see you need to express yourself with an Air Jordan. 


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