The £110,000 Louis Vuitton Punching Bag

Considering the price of items normally draped in Louis Vuitton’s famous Monogram design, you might think the only time you’d be punching one is if a gift-buyer revealed it as a fake from the black market.
Spare £110,000 burning a hole in your gym bag? Well that could be set to change with this, a Louis Vuitton punching bag and stand designed by begloved fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld.
We’ve known Louis Vuitton’s Monogram to be popular with elite athletes for some time now - usually as washbags or the unfortunately named man-bags – though this takes it to the next level. Especially as a limited edition run of 25 Boxing Trunks, which also double as travel closets, mean only money men like Floyd Mayweather will be able to justify such a grand purchase.
Oh, and it also comes with a separate suitcase holding boxing gloves and a mat. We don’t need to tell you what pattern it is.

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