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Trey Parker and Matt Stone vowed to never make another film, following the difficulty of producing South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, but relented after a chance viewing of Thunderbirds inspired them to make a puppet movie. Originally, they planned to do a direct shot-for-shot parody of The Day After Tomorrow (to be called The Day After The Day After Tomorrow), but were advised that legally this might be problematic. Undeterred, they instead wrote their own film, which was to become Team America: World Police.

A predictably controversial, offensive, but hilarious film, it followed the trail of Team America on their quest to tackle terrorists, and bring peace to the world, by blowing lots of things up. Parodying self-important Hollywood actors, the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il, and America's foreign policy, it was critically acclaimed, and featured a raft of unforgettable songs, including Everybody Has AIDS, I'm so Ronery and the anthem America (F**k Yeah).

How well do you know the film? Take our quiz and find out.

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