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Your own personal swing chair

Because growing up is the worst

Your own personal swing chair

Now you can recapture all the fun you used to have on the swings when you were a kid – and keep up that façade of a professional, stylish adult too.

The Portique Armchair, designed by Florent Coirier, allows you to swing yourself back to your childhood in style.

Inspired by the shipbuilders from his hometown of Nantes, the chair keeps the aluminium tubing of the classic swing-chair but exchanges natural rope suspending the oak seat for synthetic nautical rope.

In a smooth black finish, it would be a stylish addition to any contemporary office or home. It’s inconspicuous too - if you were to sit still on it the chair could be mistaken for a normal, static one (but where’s the fun in that?).

You might not be able to swing as high as you could in your playground days but, given your dodgy back, that's probably for the best...