You might as well give up at LEGO now because this Star Destroyer wins

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David Cornish

Imagine you're six years old. 

You've just spent the better part of a month building a LEGO model. You're thrilled with it. It is the pinnacle of your six-year existence. Your parents are so proud of it they've cleared a space on the coffee table to show all their grown up friends. Giddy with pride, you take some photos of it on your dad's iPhone and race to the family computer to share your masterpiece with the peoples of the world wide web.

Which is when you discover this monster, built by LEGO master and Reddit user, doomhandle

You're crushed. The internet has just well and truly put you in your place. You're never going to bother building another LEGO model ever again, because this Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant is the greatest brick-based build the world has ever seen.

This is how you create Sith Lords out of six-year-old. Good on you though, doomhandle. 

  • You might as well give up at LEGO now because this Star Destroyer wins

    These TIE Fighters actually fit inside the loading bay. Insane

    And no, it's not for sale. 

    You wouldn't even have enough money to buy it if it were.

    (Images: doomhandle)


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