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You know you want to buy a floating bonsai tree

You know you want to buy a floating bonsai tree

You know you want to buy a floating bonsai tree

Always fancied your own urban garden but always lacked the necessary windowsill/garden/allotment space?

You need to broaden your horizons - specifically, in a vertical direction.

This is an Air Bonsai: a floating miniaturised plant that can bob about on your desk like a Japanese fantasy.

Inserted into the base of the bonsai's "little star" (that's what they're calling it) are a set of magnets, which are repelled by an electro magnet in the larger white porcelain base. The magnetic field keeps the bonsai levitating at a steady two centimetres, with an optional rotation setting. 

Currently seeking funds through Kickstarter, your own Air Bonsai will cost you a good deal more than the average pot plant: the basic starter kit that contains a "little star" (you'll have to add your own existing bonsai) and levitation base costs $200 (£140). Pre-planted versions ranging up to $1,000 have already sold out on the Kickstarter - but given that they've already smashed their funding target, we wouldn't be surprised if more pre-planted options emerge on their website in the year ahead.

With first orders set to arrive in August, you'll have to make do with your standard grounded pot plants until then.