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You Can Now Go On Star Wars: The Cruise

You Can Now Go On Star Wars: The Cruise

You've seen the films. You've played the computer games. You might even have some of the LEGO. So why not trap yourself on a cruise ship with 4,000 like-minded nerds?

Yes, Star Wars: The Cruise is now officially available as a holiday option. Vacationers can book single-day excursions aboard the good ship Disney Fantasy, commencing January 2016. There are eight day-trips currently planned, advertised as setting sail from "the Western Caribbean", which makes them much nearer than "a galaxy far, far, away", if no less vague as to their actual location.

According to the Disney website, activities on the 14-deck super-liner will include an ambiguous-sounding "Deck party celebration", and "Out-of-this-world food and beverage options". The list ends with the even-less-specific assurance that there will be, "And more." 

Anyone else feel like they're making this up on the spot?

The Star Wars cruise does also boast "the only at-sea screenings of Episode VII", an exclusivity deal that will come as a devastating blow to all other seafaring cinemas. Though this does, of course, put the film at greater risk of piracy.

It all sounds a bit like "forced" fun, to us...

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