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You can now buy a Super Mario Star for the top of your Christmas tree

Add some nerdy novelty to your tree this Christmas

You can now buy a Super Mario Star for the top of your Christmas tree
Holly Pyne
27 November 2019

Thinking of putting up your Christmas tree this weekend but worried it’s lacking something? Perhaps this Super Mario Star topper is the answer.

Christmas is all about embracing the novelty, so if you can get your hands on a Super Mario Christmas tree topper, you probably should.

It may not make your tree invincible but this Super Star topper from GameStop (via GoNintendo) will only cost you $20.

The LED light-up star is 7-inches high and can run for 8 continuous hours. The small catch is that it’s only available in the US at the moment.

For UK shoppers, there is a non-light up version of Nintendo’s official Super Star Tree Topper available on Amazon, but it will cost you just over £54.

However, Super Mario fans have got crafty and there are a number of Power Star toppers popping up all over the internet.

One of the best we could find was this large Power Star topper on Etsy. And, when they say large they mean it, as it’s over 10-inches high and 10-inches wide.

It comes with a strand of 20 lights inside, and although it’s made by a US seller, they will ship to the UK (for a price). You’ll just need to get an adaptor to be able to plug it in in the UK.