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You can make your Apple Watch look like an iPod with this awesome gadget

Pretend to be a time traveller while enjoying modern tunes

You can make your Apple Watch look like an iPod with this awesome gadget
22 November 2018

Technology’s weird, isn’t it? For a while it was all about having the smallest phones possible, and now that screens have got so good, everyone’s sporting mammoth handsets. 

And no matter the march of progress, the increasingly fast nature of nostalgia and the emotional connection we have with gadgets means there’s always going to be some sort of “Make this current thing look like an older thing” movement. Phone cases that look like old cassette tapes, iPod docks that look like record players, that kind of thing.

It’s reached a new high/low point with this, though, a case for the Apple Watch that turns it into a visual recreation of an iPod.

You could of course be forgiven for thinking that if the wheel works, that’s quite nice – we’re getting near glove weather, and touchscreens are fiddly as hell with gloves – but the wheel is ONLY THERE FOR SHOW. The case is just a case and does nothing except make you look a bit like you’re listening to an older piece of still quite modern technology, and stop the fitness tracker working properly. And yet, we still want one.

It’s very well done by Caseology designer Joyce Kang and promises to “change the form factor of the Apple Watch and provide a different user experience.” It’s just a concept at the moment but could end up going into production.

Nostalgia is weird, isn’t it? It’s applied much more to items we have emotional connections to.  You wouldn’t get anyone selling a case designed to make a 2018 TV look like a 2001 plasma, or a router designed to resemble a 56K one. Those devices are just seen as vessels through which the good stuff comes, while somehow in an iPod’s case the hardware is as beloved as the music it delivered. 

People felt very emotionally connected to the iPod when it came out, spending hours crafting playlists and stuff, and just as the sight of a Ps2 or Nintendo 64 can bring back warm waves of goodwill, there’s something about a crappy old iPod that feels… just… more pure than anything we have now. It’s a complete nonsense of a feeling, but is also absolutely valid, and long story short we want this case, and Christmas is coming, so cheers.

(Pics: Behance)