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You can forget about getting an iPhone 7 this year

There's a new handset coming in September, but it's not called the '7'

You can forget about getting an iPhone 7 this year
26 July 2016

Back in June, we told you that you should stop calling the next iPhone the 'iPhone 7'

Apple know-all and famed leaker Evan Blass had received word that the next smartphone from Apple was "highly unlikely" to be named the iPhone 7: all the leaked features and specs are pointing to this year's handset taking a small step forward, he reasoned, building on the designs of the 6S rather than launching an entirely new handset.

We listened. We nodded. We had a stab at guessing what the new handset would be called. Then we went right back to calling it the iPhone 7, just like you.

We're all fools. 

It's going to be called the iPhone 6SE

The latest naming rumour is a case of genuine Chinese whispers: German tech site Apfelpage has it on good authority from Chinese supply chain sources that the new smartphone will be called iPhone 6SE, after suppliers saw the final packaging of the product.

So when do we get an iPhone 7?

While the iPhone 6SE is set to arrive in mid-September, you'll have to wait until 2017 for a fully fledged iPhone update.

Numerous reports have suggested that 2017 - the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone - will see Apple release a totally redesigned handset, with features including a rounded AMOLED display (that's geek talk for "bloody gorgeous screen"), improved camera functions and all-glass case. 

So long as it's got a better battery...