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Apple probably isn't going to call its next phone the iPhone 7

It's not even here yet but we've already got its name wrong

Apple probably isn't going to call its next phone the iPhone 7
27 June 2016

Update: Evan Blass was wrong. Obviously. But he's been right an awful lot. Better luck next time, Blass.

The next iPhone isn't going to be the iPhone 7.

At least, that's the opinion of one Evan Blass - tried-and-tested leaker of gadgets and smartphones - on Apple's next iteration of the iPhone.

Blass isn't just having a stab in the dark on this: drawing on sources familiar to the construction of the new handset, with its new camera and... well, that's about it, Blass believes that this year's phone won't be a true successor to the iPhone 6S, but more of an 'S' update.

An anonymous source has told Blass that Apple is now moving to a three year iPhone production timeline, which would mean that the iPhone of 2016 would be the final iPhone 6 model, before a 'proper' update arrives in 2017

So, if the next iPhone is only going to be an incremental update rather than the iPhone 7, what will it be called? 

We've had a crack at coming up with some suggestions - some of which are actually serious. Honest. 

The iPhone 6 SE

No, not the iPhone SE - the iPhone 6 SE. Right? Another 'special edition' iPhone. By which Apple really means "The good one isn't ready yet". 

The iPhone Universe

Take that, Samsung Galaxy. 

The iPhone 6.9

It's the "sexy" iPhone. Giggity. 

The Unholy iPhone

Because of a lack of holes, given the potential removal of the 3.5mm headphone unit. Not because it's evil.