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You can finally buy your own Poe Dameron/Finn jacket

Blaster not included

You can finally buy your own Poe Dameron/Finn jacket

Forget about 'The Force'. Luke Skywalker's lightsaber wasn't all that important either. Heck, the Millennium Falcon was barely even mentioned.

No, the crucial plot point Star Wars: The Force Awakens hinged on was a leather jacket - which you can now own.

Think about it: in addition to looking cooler than a winter on Hoth, the battered leather bomber of Poe Dameron was pivotal in bringing together Finn and Rey. Without that jacket, BB-8 wouldn't have given a beep, Rey wouldn't have gone after Finn, and the story would have stuttered to a halt. 

But all this pales into comparison with the even more important news - you can now buy your own from (the incredibly specific retailer) Film Jackets

The jacket is available either in distressed or untouched leather, both available for $179 (£125). An unofficial product, Film Jackets have done a fine job of recreating the lines of the screen costume.

And if Poe/Finn's look doesn't do it for you, there's also this Han Solo gem available for $175 (£122).

Best act fast if you want to get your hands on one - we wouldn't be surprised if Disney's lawyers weren't flattered by the imitations.

[Via: Film Jackets]