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The next Xbox One S batch arrives in September with Fifa 17

Thinking about pre-ordering? Then here's everything you need to know

The next Xbox One S batch arrives in September with Fifa 17
17 August 2016

Did you read our review of Microsoft's sleek new Xbox One S and decide you fancied getting your mitts on one, only to become morose at news that its launch day edition had sold out?

Well wipe those tears away (and get a grip will you?), as Microsoft has announced that two new editions of the slim-line console will arrive on 22 September.

There are going to be two models of the new One S

There are two storage options for the new console:

  • 500GB hard drive - £249
  • 1TB hard drive - £299

If you tend to download most of your games and would rather have all your library of titles, saves and videos available all at once, you'll want to go for the 1TB hard drive. 

Both versions come with Fifa 17

Included with the console will be a digital download copy of the new Fifa 17 - which looks the business, thanks to the addition of a new 'Journey' single player story. 

It's like GTA, but without the cars. Or violence. Or guns. It's nothing like GTA, it's just got a story, okay?

You can already pre-order them

Given that the Xbox One S launch edition sold out before it arrived, you might want to act sharpish to ensure you nab one of the new consoles.

You can pre-order it from: