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"Would you like salad with that?"

McDonald's to go even healthier

"Would you like salad with that?"
14 November 2011

If you've stumbled into a McDonald's in the past five years, whether lost or drunk, you'll have noticed a gradual change.

As things like cucumber and grapes have crept onto the menu, the ambience has changed from that place that makes you feel dirty to that place that makes you feel dirty but with comfier seats.

Over in Australia, the biggest change has just begun. From now on, employees will ask "Would you like fries or salad with that?" Yes, when ordering an Extra Value Meal, customers will now have a choice between salty fries or a salad of lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cucumber, with an Italian dressing.

Medium fries contain around 330 calories while a side salad will only be worth 10. But, when you're inebriated/hungover/at an airport, are you really looking to make a rational, healthy decision?

No word yet on when this initiative will be introduced in any other territories.

(Image: Rex Features)