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World's first lone dining restaurant

Table for one

World's first lone dining restaurant

Few things in life are more depressing than the sticker emblazoned on the side of your ready meal box, "SERVES ONE". It might as well read, "LONELY LONER EATS ALONE". We always buy two, just to create the hazy impression we might have company (we don't).

Those crazy Dutch have decided to embrace this dining dilemma with the opening of Eenmaal in Amsterdam - a pop-up restaurant that only caters for solitary diners.

The brainchild of Marina Van Goor and design agency Vandejong, Eenmaal (which means both 'once' and 'one meal' in Dutch) seeks to remove the negative connotations of eating alone.

Van Goor describes the pop-up as "an exciting experiment for those who never go out dining alone, as well as an appealing opportunity for those who often eat alone at restaurants".

At least you'll never be faced with the awkward scenario of having to go Dutch (!).

Eenmaal will appear fleetingly on Bos en Lommerweg 361 in Amsterdam for Friday 28th and Saturday 29th June

(Via Design Taxi)