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Wooden Speakers. Fact.

Eco-friendly iPhone awesomeness

Wooden Speakers. Fact.

Befuddling and bewitching in equal measures, the wooden iPhone sound dock from US brand Koostik is a must-have this Christmas for all those eco-conscious hipsters. Without any electronic support, the devices (made from solid wood) use smartly designed acoustic chambers to amplify sound.

In more simplistic terms, it works like a violin would, with the iPhone acting as the strings. Each device is hand-crafted from wood in walnut, cherry and birdseye maple. If you're looking to impress then go to Koostik for more info or check out this video to see how it all works.

As the video suggests, the Koostik dock is more suited to mellow jazz than heavy metal...

Prices start from £55 plus shipping.