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Woh, Sonos just revealed an amazing new app redesign

Much-needed UI update is incoming soon...

Woh, Sonos just revealed an amazing new app redesign
Marc Chacksfield
23 April 2024

Speaker superstar Sonos has revealed that it is completely re-jigging its app, making it far simpler to connect up the audio you want to listen to with the speakers you want to listen to it on.

ShortList was lucky enough to get a personal tour of the app and all that it can do and they are changes will please many a Sonos user.

Sonos app changes revealed

The first big change is that tabs are no more. This means that there's no ned to tap between tabs, everything is available on the home screen both content and controls. You will also find recently played, myriad content libraries and recommendations on the home screen.
The app is customisable, too. If you, like many, you only use a handful of apps to listen to your audio then you can pin these to a row at the top of the screen. You can also move, edit, or rearrange all the other services to your liking.
Search has been supercharged. You can now look for an artist, song, podcast, or audiobook across all your preferred streaming apps at once. This is done through the always-available search bar on the Home screen.
Finally, you don't have to jump through hoops to control your system. This is all done from a swipe up from the bottom of your Home screen. Do this and you can control your entire system and have a visual overview of what’s playing on each of your products. It's here you can quickly group speakers and sort the volume.
Woh, Sonos just revealed an amazing new app redesign
Image Credit: Sonos

The new app feels and looks intuitive. Sonos was keen to point out that this is an overhaul in every sense of the word and not just a new lick of paint. This app will be made available as an update of the current Sonos S2 app.

For those who use a computer to control their Sonos, it's worth noting that these changes are also coming to a web app and this will replace the existing Sonos desktop controller.

It will be available alongside the redesigned mobile app on May 7, 2024.