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Will.I.Am's Luxury EKOCYCLE Bag Range

Will.I.Am's Luxury EKOCYCLE Bag Range

Will.I.Am's Luxury EKOCYCLE Bag Range

Musician. Producer. Technology consultant. Fashion designer. Carmaker. Philanthropist. If were a boy scout, he'd have run out of room for his badges long ago.

In his latest non-musical escapade, the dual-dotted Will has teamed up with Coca-Cola to launch EKOCYCLE - a range of luxury fashion, tech and design products built from recycled materials. 

Most notable among the line of high-end jackets and bow ties made from bottles is the EKOCYCLE luggage range. Partnering with the reputable design minds of Globe Trotter, the EKOCYCLE collection includes a range of holdalls constructed from recycled denim and reconstituted plastic bottles. 

The range also includes a line of luxurious Globe Trotter hard cases, featuring a recycled vulcanised fibreboard shell and a recycled linen lining.

Currently available through Harrods, the range is designed to "educate and empower consumers to proactively seek out more sustainable lifestyle choices". With the luggage starting at £750, we can't help but think that only a very select group of consumers are going to be able to educate themselves as to the joys of sustainable holdalls.

Still, if you ever want to upgrade your 'Bag for Life', you know where to turn. You can find the full range on the Harrods website