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Here's why Cersei's hair hasn't grown back in 'Game of Thrones'

So now you know

Here's why Cersei's hair hasn't grown back in 'Game of Thrones'
03 August 2017

Some Game of Thrones fans have been getting pretty aggravated by ‘jetpacking’ this season – the idea that characters can somehow travel hundreds of miles in seemingly very short spaces of time.

Euron, in particular, has been whizzing all over Westeros. He’s already gone from King’s landing, to somewhere off the coast of Dragonstone, back to King’s Landing, and then all the way over to Casterly Rock on the west coast.

However, people involved with Game of Thrones have always been keen to point out that days, weeks, months even, can pass in between scenes – not everything we see in an episode is happening at the exact same time. There’s even a mention of this fact at the beginning of George R. R. Martin’s books.

If everything was totally linear, we’d end up with a very boring show – we’d mostly just be watching people travel for an hour a week – but that hasn’t stopped some people complaining, forcing producer and writer Brian Cogman to tweet in defence of Season 7’s faster pace

One fan argued that he has been using Cersei’s hair length as a gauge how the passing of time, but turns out that’s a useless method, because while Cersei’s hair is still short, it appears she has decided to keep it like that, rather than grow it out again.

Maybe Cersei has decided to keep it short as a way to own what’s happened to her – her hair isn’t short because it was cut off, it’s short because she wants it to be.

She’s been enjoying a very good season so far. She’s exacted revenge on both Ellaria Sand and Olenna Tyrell, and has already had two big victories over Daenerys’ forces, first sinking the Greyjoy fleet, and then later burning the other half of the fleet and taking Highgarden all in one fell swoop.

So there you go, Cersei’s hair is short because she wants it to be, and time is moving all over the place, but it’s for your own enjoyment. Sorted.

(Images: HBO)