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Nando's have just released one of its best dishes at Tesco

Praise be to the gods

Nando's have just released one of its best dishes at Tesco
08 September 2017

Looking forward to slaving away in the kitchen tonight to create that five-course gastronomic tasting experience you’ve been planning all week for your mates/other half? Or, let me just throw it out there, do you fancy a Nando’s?

I’ve put the thought in your head now and it’s not going away is it. Hmmm. Nando’s. Yes that sounds good. But can you really be bothered to schlep out and have to deal with other human beings and queue up with all of them? No you cannot. But do not fear, because they’ve met another crucial element of their menu available to buy in normal shops.

Specifically, it’s great news for people who like the hummus and peri-peri sauce you get in Nando’s: you no longer have to go to actual Nandos to buy their hummus and peri-peri sauce. 

Following the release of all their hot sauces (pro tip: the garlic hot sauce is the best one), the South African chicken chain has now made its hummus and peri-peri drizzle combo available at Tesco. 

The tub – 150g of hummus and 20ml of drizzle – normally costs £2 but is currently on offer at £1.50.

Nando’s have this to say about the combo:

“Drizzle smoky Peri-Peri oil over our creamy houmous and dip, dunk, spread or just spoon it over warm pitta, fresh bread, chips, potato wedges, cucumber – really anything.

“Kick your tastebuds up a notch.”

Do you hear that? It works with ‘anything’. So maybe stick with the five-course meal and chuck the hummus and peri-peri drizzle over the whole damn lot of it. Perfect.

(Image: Nando’s)