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WhatsApp's new feature will save you from drunk text regret

Text your ex at 4am? Don't worry, you can take that message back

WhatsApp's new feature will save you from drunk text regret
20 December 2016

You’ve been out on the lash. You’ve maybe sunk eight or nine pints. You wake up in the early hours of the morning to rehydrate. You check your phone. Shame washes over you. You’ve messaged your ex at 3am: “HEILLO, U UP? I MIRSS U X X XX”

Nightmare. The shameful drunk text. If only you could take it back.

Well, now you can.

Gadgets 360 has revealed that iPhone’s beta version now allows you to edit or delete messages that have already been sent. Hallelujah, you can drink in peace.

However, this revolutionary feature is disabled by default and needs to be activated manually, so remember to switch it on before you go out. But, in essence, all you have to do is a long press on a sent message, which will then bring up options to edit or delete. Simples. All you have to hope is that the other person hasn’t seen it, otherwise you’ve got to do some Derren Brown crap to fix that.

There’s no word on whether this will be introduced to Android beta phones. So you guys may want to just leave your phones at home when you next go to the pub – better to be safe than sorry.