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You'll soon be able to 'unsend' WhatsApp messages

No more text regret

You'll soon be able to 'unsend' WhatsApp messages
20 April 2017

We’ve all done it: drunk, emotional or just sick of someone’s shit, we have sent a risky message. We have sent the message and then we have immediately been filled with unknowable horror about what we’ve just done.

Some of us have accepted the consequences of our actions: others have immediately turned airplane mode on in a futile attempt to stop the message sending. But make no mistake: we have all been filled with terrible, all-consuming regret.

Anyway, probably no need to worry about it any more, mates: there’s a chance WhatsApp are going to let us ‘unsend’ messages within five minutes. So if you text your mum instead of your girlfriend, you can unsend that lil’ fucker.

According to unofficial WhatsApp monitor WABetaInfo, users may soon be able to ‘unsend’ messages sent within 5 minutes and the feature “should be available very soon”.

The monitor hasn’t provided any more info, so we don’t yet know how it’ll work, though a beta version earlier this year let users recall messages that hadn’t been read yet.

If the feature is introduced, it will likely be included in the next WhatsApp iOS update later this year.

Until then: stop sending stupid messages, eh?