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This huge 'Game of Thrones' star wants a part in the 'What We Do in the Shadows' sequel

We're already excited for this movie

This huge 'Game of Thrones' star wants a part in the 'What We Do in the Shadows' sequel
06 November 2017

Just days ago, we brought you the fantastic news that a sequel is the works for the world’s funniest vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows.

The 2014 film, starring Flight of the Conchords comedy genius Jemaine Clement, was directed by Taika Waititi – whose latest movie Thor: Ragnarok is currently smashing it at the box office and has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 93%.

It was revealed last week that the sequel, called We’re Wolves, is being written as we speak but could take quite a few years considering how long it took to make the first movie. “What We Do in the Shadows took six years to write,” Taika told BUILD.

Now the sequel looks set to become even more unmissable after Game of Thrones super villain Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) expressed interest in taking a part in the new film.

Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones

And taking into account how she brutally murders anyone who stands in her way (we’re looking at you Margaery Tyrell), it would seem that what the Queen of the Seven Kingdom wants, she gets.

Headey tweeted at the director: “I think you need a semi elderly British Vampire in WWDOTS deux. Srsly. Don’t fuck about.”

Looks like she means business.

And she’s not the only person clamouring for a part in the film.

Edgar Wright, who wrote and directed Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Baby Driver, also said he wants to be in the new We’re Wolves movie. He told a fan on Twitter: “I just want a cameo in We’re Wolves.

Come on Taika! Let’s make this happen!

And speaking about the film earlier, the director explained where he got the name.

If you’ve seen What We Do in the Shadows, you’ll recall a very funny scene in which the vampires encounter a gang of werewolves - this one:

Well, the sequel is going to focus on those guys, hence the title We’re Wolves. Speaking about the film, which he’ll co-write with Clement, he said:

“The movie is called We’re Wolves. We are wolves. We’re wolves. It’s a wordplay. Geddit?

“You’re not going to see it for seven years. We’re notoriously terrible at writing together, Jemaine and I.

“It usually takes place over emails, so we’ll email each other one line of dialogue, once a month.”