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What is 'Tindstagramming' - the creepy new Tinder trend you need to watch out for?

Yeah, this isn't OK

What is 'Tindstagramming' - the creepy new Tinder trend you need to watch out for?
29 September 2017

There are so many dating terms we have to keep up with these days - when you’re not being catfished, you’re being ghosted. But then what if you’re being stashed or breezed? Maybe someone’s kittenfishing you right now and you don’t even realise it, and for love of god, is it cuffing season or drafting season? Somebody help.

But the latest one we all need to know about is ‘Tindstagramming’ - which you’ve probably already guessed has to do with both Tinder and Instagram.

When you set up your Tinder account, you have the ability to link it to your Instagram, so that your potential matches have a bit more to go on when deciding whether you’re worthy of a right-swipe.

The thing is, some people are abusing this link to get chatting to people who haven’t even matched with them, and it’s pretty creepy.

Some users are clicking straight through to people they fancy’s Insta pages, bypassing Tinder, and direct messaging them through the photo sharing app.

Essentially it defeats the entire point of the app - only being able to speak to people who have showed an interest in your profile. 

You probably know that if someone has chosen not to swipe right on you, messaging them over a different platform is not going to convince them you’re the one that got away. That’s not stopping the creeps from trying their best, though. 

This is how it’s supposed to be done

Those other dating terms we mentioned earlier, by the way? Here’s what they mean:

  • Stashing: when the person you’re dating won’t introduce you to their friends and family, and never uploads photos of the two of you together, so that they can pretend it’s not a real relationship, and get out of it easily if they want to.
  • Breezing: refusing to ‘play the game’ and just being totally honest with potential partners, not being afraid to just straight up tell them how you feel. Being breezy, basically, you know, like Monica in Friends.
  • Kittenfishing: a lesser version of catfishing, where we (come on, we’ve all done this) use pictures that use flattering angles and filters to make us look better than we actually do.
  • Drafting season: taking dating more seriously at the end of summer, as you’re looking for someone to couple of with for the cold winter months.

I’m sure we’ll be back tomorrow to tell you how your girlfriend is flimping you, or how your husband has actually been mooncaking you this whole time. Damn.