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'Westworld' fans still haven’t spotted a bunch of clues from Season 1

How many have you spotted?

'Westworld' fans still haven’t spotted a bunch of clues from Season 1
16 March 2018

Westworld is one of those shows you need to pay *really* close attention to, otherwise you’re going to miss some key plot points. Last season had intersecting narratives taking place across multiple timelines – and you were never entirely sure what was ‘real’ and what was a fabrication dreamed by the park’s creators. And next season things could get even more complicated once the extra parks, including one based on ancient Samurai-times Japan, are introduced.

Now it’s also been revealed that there are still loads of hidden clues from the first season that fans haven’t spotted yet – and they could be crucial in upcoming episodes.

Did you spot any hidden clues in the first season of Westworld?

Speaking to EW, Evan Rachel Wood (who plays Dolores), said: “I’m going back to things in the first season. That’s what’s so cool about the show, what [showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy] worked so hard on.

“There are things I actually said as Dolores that I had no idea of the significance of until filming this season, and now I’m going, ‘My god, [the writers] were telling us!’… I think even when we’re in Season 7, you’ll still be able to go back to the pilot and find clues that were right in front of you.

“Every time I walk on a set, I’m like, ‘What did you guys put in here?’” Wood teased. “The pictures on the walls, the books on the shelves… there’s forethought with everything.”

Hmmm… very interesting. We know that pictures play an important part in the show’s storyline, especially after Dolores’ father found a photo of a modern woman in a city which seemed to irreparably fry his circuitry. So I guess it’ll be worth re-watching the first season and keeping our eyes peeled for background pictures and paintings, along with any other cool hidden easter eggs.

Jeffrey Wright, who plays Bernard, also claimed there are more hidden clues in the first season. “There are a lot of things there,” he told IGN. “Having just finished the work we did this season, there’s some things there that I missed.”

Reddit, of course, has already begun speculating what these hidden gems might be and if you don’t mind a potential spoiler or two you can head here to fill your boots with Westworld fan theory goodness.

Westworld Season 2 will premiere on 22 April in the US and the UK.

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