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It turns out that watching too much TV can kill you

Time to quit that binge-watching habit before it ends you

It turns out that watching too much TV can kill you

Just two episodes of Stranger Things a night can kill you. Well, not specifically Stranger Things (but let's be honest, what else you watching?). Scientists have recently discovered that every two hours of TV per day increases the risk of a fatal blood clot in the lungs by 40 per cent.

Bad luck for those of us that watch six.

The Japanese study monitored the viewing habits of 86,000 people for two years between 1988 and 1990, and then scientists kept their eyes on the individuals for the next 19 years. 

People who watched five hours of TV a day were more than twice as likely to die of a fatal pulmonary embolism (that's one of them there blood clots in the lungs) than those who watched less than two-and-a-half hours. 

Co-author Dr Toru Shirakawa, from Osaka University, claimed the rise of Netflix is a factor (how could he? How dare he?).

"Nowadays, with online video streaming, the term 'binge-watching' to describe viewing multiple episodes of television programmes in one sitting has become popular. This popularity may reflect a rapidly growing habit," he said.

The researchers then recommended going for a walk and stretching every hour when watching TV, which is totally doable, isn't it? Better than death, ain't it? Not much, sure. But better. Power up Pokémon GO and you're on to a winner...