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The first trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming looks absolutely badass

Our Spidey senses are tingling

The first trailer for Spider-Man Homecoming looks absolutely badass
09 December 2016

“This is my chance to prove myself.”

Yep, that’s generally how trailers for eye-wateringly expensive and highly anticipated blockbuster films go, pal.

Luckily for Tom Holland, who opens the very first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming in the signature skin-hugging red suit with that very sentiment, he’s gone and done just that. 

As well as Brit actor Tom Holland, who’s taking over from former-Spidey Andrew Garfield, appearing to nail it, we’ve got Michael Keaton back in a superhero movie as the Vulture – a super sinister nemesis for Spidey to do battle with. We’ve got Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark stepping out of his Iron Man boots to take up a fatherly mentor role for Peter Parker, before stepping back into them to fly around New York and battle the bad ‘uns with his web-slinging bro.

We’ve got Point Break-style bank robbers armed to the teeth with ridiculously cool weapons that look straight outta Portal. Or Men In Black. We’ve even got a tiny glimpse of on-fire-right-now actor Donald Glover’s role (above), which gives absolutely nothing away in the slightest, aside from him looking pretty moody, like a baddie does. Maybe he’s a baddie. Yeah, we’ll go with that.

What’s more, Spider-Man’s now got himself a tasty pair of armpit wings, as revealed in the teaser that got us all amped for this big trailer just 24 hours ago. It’s an addition that appears to have been a gift from Tony Stark, and one that, as we all know, is in keeping with the outfit that Spidey can be seen wearing in his very first comic book cover from 1962.  

Oh man, bring on July 7 already.