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Watch Tommy Wiseau’s extremely strange audition for the Joker

Turn it off I don't like it

Watch Tommy Wiseau’s extremely strange audition for the Joker
13 March 2018

Everyone’s seen The Dark Knight by now, haven’t they? If you haven’t, then you either hate Batman, or hate Heath Ledger, or hate superhero films, or maybe you just hate one specific extra who threw a brick through your window once during a spat over ownership of a garden hedge - these are the only reasons.

But if you have, then you’ll know that Heath Ledger did a pretty darn good job of playing Batman’s ultimate nemesis, The Joker. Almost the definitive performance, depending on what you think of Jack Nicholson’s job. But what about if Tommy Wiseau had played him? Peculiar old Tommy from The Room? WHAT THEN?

Well, with the news that they’re planning a Joker origin story, Mr. Wiseau has jumped at the chance to play the Clown Prince, and has been all over Twitter trying to drum up support for his casting:

And what with the internet being what it is, it wasn’t long until a nice shiny bit of ‘content’ was produced to get the ball rolling. In this case, Nerdist got hold of Tommy and made a - terrifying, absolutely terrifying - audition tape with Tommy all dolled up in the famous makeup, just absolutely screaming his head off for three minutes.

And here it is, for your displeasure:

I mean, is that, actually… good? Sort of? Like, it’s quite scary, isn’t it? The Joker is an unhinged maniac, and Tommy Wiseau embodies that quite well, I think. The Dark Knight would have been completely different with Wiseau in it, but that’s not saying it wouldn’t have still been great? Like, completely different but… maybe… still… great?

Anyway we’ll never know because this is all a big silly joke. Oh well! Back to work everyone!

(Image: Nerdist)