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Watch the terrifying (and gross) trailer for JJ Abram's 'Overlord'

Is it a Cloverfield movie? Or isn't it?

Watch the terrifying (and gross) trailer for JJ Abram's 'Overlord'
19 July 2018

Do you like gross horrible Nazi horror film trailers that contain at least two moments that will make you feel extremely sick? Well then, have we got a doozy for you!

Overlord, the latest horror film from producer JJ Abrams involves a bunch of soldiers getting absolutely in over their poor heads in a load of creepy experimental Nazi business, and as such, the slime duly hits the fan at top speed. It gets very gooey up in here. Lotsa goo, a gooey old time, Goo City, population goo.

Just watch this, and feel mightily unwell for a bit:

And now, your backstory: this one’s had a weird journey - essentially, everyone reckons it’s Cloverfield 4, even though JJ Abrams has shot that rumour down (like he obviously would). Like, the last two Cloverfield films came out of nowhere and were complete surprises, so that’s the theory behind this - that Abrams is gonna pull a sneaky bait-and-switch and reveal last minute that it was a Cloverfield all along! Durr brains! Got ya!

Thing is, The Cloverfield Paradox did nay go down too well with critics or audiences, so maybe if that was the original plan, it may be on the way to Nix Town as a result. When you think about it, even 10 Cloverfield Lane didn’t have to be called that - eyelids would not have been at all bat had it been called something like The Basement or Let Me Out John Goodman, You Big Old Shit!. So even if there are connections, this film could still keep the title Overlord and nobody would notice.

Either that or it literally has nothing to do with Cloverfield and the internet has made everyone immediately jump to conclusions over nothing and completely warped our enjoyment of anything unless we can come up with a dumb theory about it to make ourselves feel like King Sleuth, Master of Online, Destroyer of Hollywood Secrets, Defender of the Web.

Dunno about you, but I couldn’t care less - that bit with the man’s neck snapping backwards is the gnarliest thing I’ve seen all week. In fact, it’s the gnarliest I’ve seen all month, ever since two weeks ago when Robert in accounts got in a massive strop with Excel and his neck snapped back in exactly the same way. Got to go home early though, it was sick.

Overlord is in cinemas November 9

(Image: YouTube)